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Passport Photos in 5 minutes

Passport Photos

High Quality Colour or B&W Digital Photos

Our team of experienced staff are trained to take photos that meet the exacting specifications required by Passport Canada. We use the latest digital technology to ensure your photos will be right the first time and you can see the photo before it's printed. Your choice of colour or B&W. No appointment needed.

We guarantee your passport photos or we'll provide replacement photos or a refund. If in the unlikely event they do not meet their specifications, bring in your original photos and the passport office's notice of rejection within 45 days and we will provide replacement photos at no additional cost or provide a refund of the purchase price of the passport photos.

However, we cannot guarantee that the Passport office will accept these photos and therefore, we are not liable for any loss, damages, inconvenience or disrupted travel plans if these photos are not accepted. Please allow ample time when you submit your passport application.

Price: $11.99

We can also do:

  • Permanent Residents
  • Card photos
  • Citizenship photos most non-Canadian passport photos
  • many other I.D. photos

*Please bring in the specifications as required on your application form

Link to Passport Canada:

Babies and toddlers

Due to the special requirements for passport photos of young children, we are unable to do photos of babies and toddlers. We suggest contacting a portrait studio that specalizes in child photography.

Tips for a Perfect Passport Photo:

The Passport Office has improved security with their new digitizing equipment so it's important that your photos meet their exact specifications. They will reject photos that have even an unnoticeable amount of glare, shadows, lack of contrast, a smile or eye glasses.

  • Wear a dark colour shirt
  • Don't wear eyeglasses
  • They prefer Black and White photos for those with white hair
  • To eliminate shine on skin, we suggest using make-up powder and/or tissue prior to the photo
  • Submit your photos and passport application within a few weeks of receiving your photos. The government sometimes changes their rules regarding acceptable passport photos with no notice so you don't want to risk having photos that don't meet the newest criteria.
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